PrintSeller is a custom e-commerce platform for printing houses and resellers.

PrintSeller was initially an in-house project that provided us w multitude tools to use in different business areas. With our close ties to printing business, we needed a fully custom e-commerce system that would allow to sell custom configured printed materials. Not happy with existing e-commerce platforms, we spent a full year on developing PaymentGateway stack that became a core for PrintSeller - and other projects later.

Problems to solve

Printing business requires more than a standard "shop". Every product sold can be customized with multiple properties like paper type, size, amount, finish type and more - and all of these properties influence the price.

Delivery costs are very difficult to define, so they should be calculated according to exact order.

Even with best offer prepared, huge amount of orders are fully custom projects that require interaction between client and shop staff.

Projects for printing are very often huge graphic files, that client should be able to upload safely. 

Staff should have a way to customize orders per go, include additional design works in quote and be able to create an order from scratch basing on real time provided specification from the client.

Methods used

First of all, we created a fully custom offer editor, purely in JavaScript, allowing shop staff to create a complex, tree-based offers, copy elements with drag&drop, increase price to multiple elements at the same time and provide translated content to every element.

Then we created a Quote creator for PaymentGateway. This module allows shop staff to create a custom, quotable elements basing on ready templates and assign them to client's order.

Finally, we wrote a live chat module for PaymentGateway, allowing clients to freely chat with shop staff after making an order. 


Final PrintSeller consists of three main parts:

  • PaymentGateway module, responsible for cart management, payments and deliveries
  • PrintSeller Shop module, which is actual e-commerce frontend for customers.
  • PrintSeller Offer Manager module, responsible for offer creation and management.


  • Complete Printing House offer editor
  • Prices per item or per area
  • Order creation with file upload (integrated with FTP or S3)
  • Easy frontend customisation
  • Order manager with states, shipping and tax settings
  • Online payment system integrated with PayPal, Credit Cards, PayU and more
  • Easy to manage portfolio module
  • Integrated blog system
  • English and Polish versions available, whole system easily translatable.

... and more!

Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

Universal e-commerce framework for PHP7

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PrintSeller Offer Management

PrintSeller Offer Management

Configurable printing offer manager.

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PrintSeller Frontend

PrintSeller Frontend

User interface design for PrintSeller e-commerce

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