Privacy Policy

1. Who are we?

  1. Viamage Limited (also Viamage LTD) is a limited company based in Ireland.
  2. Our official address is: Unit 3D North Point House, North Point Business Park, New Mallow Road, T23 AT2P Cork
  3. We are a Software House and we provide companies with custom applications for various platforms.
  4. In order to be able to provide you with best quality of services, we collect some data about you, as explained below.
  5. We never sell these data or share with anyone else, aside data processor companies listed below.

2. What data do we collect

  1. We collect your IP address in our server Access Log.
  2. On your permission, granted by accepting privacy policy, we collect statistical data such as: your country, your operating system, your browser version or your screen resolution - you can find complete list in point 5.
  3. On your permission, granted by submitting contact form or subscription form, we may collect your e-mail.
  4. We may collect additional data as needed by CloudFlare security and optimization services. Details can be found at
  5. If you represent company and order our services, we will need to collect your company data
  6. We do not collect any sensitive data about you.

3. What data do we store, what for, and for how long

  1. We store your IP for one week in our server access logs. These data are collected for one specific case - attacks on the website or our server, as they may serve as a proof in a police investigation. This is required to keep our customers safe.
  2. In case your IP has been detected as a potential attacker, we will store your IP indefinetely in our IP blacklist. Continous attacks and requests of IP removal from blacklist may become a subject of a lawsuit.
  3. We store your voluntarely provided e-mails in our subscribers database. We add them only per your request, to allow us communicating with you and we store them until you request their removal.
  4. We store your company information, if you ordered our services, solely for invoicing purposes. We remove them 1 year after last invoice.
  5. We store contact data you provided us in Contact Form in order to provide you with best possible answers and details.
  6. We pass your website error logs to our self-hosted highly secure log aggregator platform in order to streamline our support services, until issues connected with them are resolved.

4. What data we pass to third party services (Data Processors) and why.

  1. Our website is optimized and secured by CloudFlare as explained in point 2.4. It is done in order to provide visitors with high quality website speed and secure our servers from attacks.
  2. We pass statistical data defined in point 2.2 to Google Analytics, which generates visits reports for us. This is done in order to improve our services and website per information about our visitors.
  3. We pass your e-mail through and Yandex services. This is done to allow us e-mail communication with our subscribers, as we use these services as platforms for our e-mail.
  4. We store data included in your website or application themes in our self-hosted, closed and protected GIT repositories or closed projects on These repositories may contain your name or your company name for identification purposes.
  5. We store Quotes and Project Plans made for you on Google Docs platform.
  6. We use Disqus plugin for comments under our blog posts. It allows anonymous use and collects your data per your consent.
  7. We may occassionally hire specific services or companies under contract to provide specific services, like payments engines support. As this is specific for every project, we provide exact list individually in Project Plans or associated e-mail messages.
  8. We may include links to third party websites on our website. Although we include only links to websites we trust, please remember that clicking by such links you leave our website and it's privacy policy rules and that we do not take responsibility on how your data is handled by these website.

5. What data is Google Analytics collecting?

  1. Time you spent on our website
  2. Your language and country / region
  3. Your browser and operating system version
  4. Your screen resolution
  5. You approximate age and gender
  6. Information about website from which you arrived

6. How do we protect your data and how do we remove them

  1. Access logs are truncated using shred linux tool, which replaces data in logs with different data
  2. E-mail and IPs are deleted from the database using ORM systems and from our Yandex mail contact list. We do not include these in our routine backups and we do not store them in different places.
  3. Our servers are protected with multilayer firewall, upgraded at least once a week and we have advanced security procedures in place which shall not be explained publicly.

7. What cookies is our website using and why

  1. Cloudflare Cookie - this cookie aim is to streamline website caching and provide you website assets from closest possible location.
  2. Google Analytics Cookies - these cookies allows us to collect some statistical data defined in point 5.
  3. Viamage Session Cookie - this cookie defines your session in anonymous way and allows us to proceed with caching and provide you with some real time services.
  4. You can block cookies either in your browser settings or by clicking "Secure" near the website URL, "Cookies" and clicking "Block". Please keep it mind it may disable some of the website's features - cookies are commonly used part of modern web technology.

8. Where can you get information about your currently stored data or request their removal

  1. All requests should be sent to info[at] e-mail address.
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