WavePath is a platform for training, meditation and dreams tracking with advanced API, custom metrics and charts.

Mental and physical health is very important. Being aware of existence of such splendid services like Fitocracy, we still felt it's not enough. 

We started asking people around, doing some market research and finally did a small meditation and dreams tracker, that allowed people to hang on to their daily mental health practices. 

We crowdfounded that a bit, pushed the development forward and the result was WavePath.

WavePath is a platform allowing to create diary entries, dream tracking entries, custom metrics tracking, trainings tracking - whatever you imagine! It also generates awesome charts, reminds you about your flow and allows interaction with other users in your group. 

It can be a white label product that you can deploy on a 5$ virtual server or a next bigger thing. 

Check the movie on your right!

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