Mabdelbrot Test

by Jakub in Benchmarks & Tests 06.03.2015

Lately we have found a very interesting test, which creates Madbelbrot set.Here is the source, and here is our fork with additional tests.

Basically it creates a Madbelbrot set and provides time it took. Effects may be surprising.


Lower score is bettermadbelbrot test chart


Fact number 1 - PHP is getting faster

PHP7 with JIT was a winner in an original test (we didn't tested it yet), which is very intersting fact and we are thrilled about how Facebook's HHVM team may respond to that.

Fact number 2 - HHVM is faster than any stable PHP

This is a fact that we have mentioned before, but you can see the difference now very clearly.

Fact number 3 - PyPy is awesome

If you write python apps - try using PyPy. Python itself went quite bad in this test, but with PyPy it took just 0.03s to which is twice as fast as NodeJS and very close to gcc.


Sigil Server (03 Mar 2015

PHP-5.3.29                              0.710    
PHP-5.4.36                              0.374    
PHP-5.5.17                              0.320    
PHP-5.6.6                               0.319    
Ruby-2.1.2                              0.511    
Python-2.7.3                            0.800    
Python-3.2.3                            0.810    
Java 1.6.0                              0.275        
HHVM-3.5                                0.025    
PyPy-2.4 (for Python2.7)                0.030    
PyPy-2.4 (for Python3.4)                0.030    
NodeJS                                  0.060

Notebook (12 Feb 2015)

PHP7-JIT (JIT=on)                       0.011    
gcc -O2 (4.9.2)                         0.013    
LuaJIT-2.0.3 (JIT=on)                   0.014    
gcc -O0 (4.9.2)                         0.022    
HHVM-3.5.0 (JIT=on)                     0.030    
Java-1.8.0 (JIT=on)                     0.059    
LuaJIT-2.0.3 (JIT=off)                  0.073    
Java-1.8.0 (JIT=off)                    0.251    
PHP-7                                   0.281    
squirrel-3.0.4                          0.335    
Lua-5.2.2                               0.339    
PHP-5.6                                 0.379    
PHP-5.5                                 0.383    
PHP-5.4                                 0.406    
ruby-2.1.5                              0.684    
PHP-5.3                                 0.855    
HHVM-3.5.0 (JIT=off)                    0.978    
PHP-5.2                                 1.096    
python-2.7.8                            1.128    
PHP-5.1                                 1.217    
perl-5.18.4                             2.083    
PHP-4.4                                 4.209    
PHP-5.0                                 4.434

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