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by Jakub in News 01.07.2017

1st of July is a special day in Keios Solutions. This year, it marks fourth year of our existence on the Market.

In July 2013 our idea was quite simple - use our broad network of VoIP contacts and setup VoIP wholesale business. We started with a dedicated server with FreeSwitch instance and our custom web panels (which, to be honest, turned out to be more stable and efficient than many commercial solutions).

Adventure with VoIP traffic selling and buying was quite short. Anyone who works in this area knows that this market is hard and dangerous. We decided within our C-Call partnership that we should look for something more stable to provide for our families. Help came unexpected in form of an investor, who decided to use our programming skills.

This opened a totally new era. Clients were happy with our portals so we decided to refocus to software development, still staying close to VoIP business. As the company grew, we were given an enourmous task to create printing house e-commerce system.

And we did. We wrote a complete, modern payment processing engine for PHP. This from the other side allowed us to take more complicated tasks, with e-commerce ideas that couldn't be covered by the well known e-commerce systems. Meanwhile we were still creating software for VoIP business and were offering our services to other web development companies.

In 2016 we started to connect multiple freelancers around us, signing up contracts and increasing our workforce.

In 2013 we had one dedicated server with VoIP softswitch. In 2017 we own 5 dedicated servers of our own, we monitor over 30 dedicated servers with our applications for our customers. We also keep, varying in amount, a fleet of dozens of droplets on Digital Ocean and Vultr.

We are definetely not finished and fifth year of Keios Solutions existance will surely bring a lot of changes.

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