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by Jakub in Webdevelopment 11.10.2015

Some people probably know it, but we build our e-commerce systems on a custom engine, that we created and continue to develop, called Keios PaymentGateway.It is a smart engine, that allows us to create basically any type of e-commerce on OctoberCMS.

We already made phone recharge, hostel booking, printing business e-commerce, standard online shop systems interconnected with it and it still doesn't cover PG possibilities.payment gateway

Let us quickly cover what kind of functionalities we cover with PG


This is core feature of PaymentGateway. Payments here can have different states (like created, rejected, accepted, returned) and contains cart object with all its values. Customer can create the payment by sending his cart to PaymentGateway and he will be given payment options. paymentsWe currently support- Stripe- PayPal- PayLane- PayU Poland- Standard Bank Transfers- Cash Paymentsand more can be easily connected.


Payments alone were fine in case of our booking system, because client pays there for booking. Nothing is being sent and all properties selections are done while booking. This is not the case when we want to setup e-commerce system. ordersOrders is an advanced feature of Payment Gateway, which helps processing orders. It has multiple states (like created, placed, waiting for payment, paid, being executed, sent, finished, requested return and more). State transitions are automatic or manual, depending on context and each transition can send e-mail to customer.


Shipping is a simple module, that allows to create delivery methods that customer can select from when making an order. Cost will be added to the cart and displayed in the backend.shipping


Not every e-commerce can be covered with simple procedures. That's why we have implemented Quotes into Payment Gateway. This is advanced module that allow shop staff to create items manually, add them to the cart and convert to the order. This was extremely useful in case of Printing business, where delivery costs may vary, but is also very useful if you want to make e-commerce for totally custom orders that your staff must analyse and create a quote.qupte

Other Features

Payment Gateway comes with some exteremly useful features. It stores all money amounts in specially designed Money Objects. This allows us to make advanced calculations on the amount and we can be sure that there will not be miscalculations - and there would be, if we used floats like other systems.It has optional Tag system that can be used to tag Orders or Quotes. It is also easily customizable - without big problems we have added Chat for communication between staff and customer and file upload widget when we integrated it with our Printing Business System.printsellerIt offers a lot of tools to developers - it provides so called ValueObjects, which are used to store Items details, Cart, Customer Information, Credit Card number and data and other information used trough the system.


You may want to check Keios Market demo - our standard e-commerce system based on PaymentGateway or PrintSeller demo. You may also want to recharge your phone at Topup Credit website, which uses PaymentGateway to process payments or order some printing at DigiDruk which uses PrintSeller and PaymentGateway package.

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