Keios OctoberMarket preview!

by Jakub in News 21.04.2017

OctoberCMS Market is quite awesome, but at current stage it doesn't really allow to attach private plugins to OctoberCMS, which is crucial for any webdevelopment agency working with October.

That's why we decided to develop and open our own Market, to which we would be able to connect our clients portals.

Today we release a preview which includes the plugin and package browser of all october plugins that we have in our repositorisy and we are going back to work hard on user zone and connecting this portal to PaymentGateway.

october market

As this is meant to be a tech blog, let me briefly explain how our market works.We store our plugins on the bitbucket and keep so called "mother" OctoberCMS instances up. If you visit this link you will be connected with one of them.

It keeps track of all plugins we store on bitbucket, pull their repos to local filesystem and creates a zip file on update hook. Zip files are stored in cloud and provided to customers' october instances after proper project authentication.

october market project

This "mother" instance of October also connects user accounts, plugins and projects with licenses. It can automatically block updates for unpaid "sass" plugins or close their droplets, send e-mail warnings and also offer recognize MIT licenses plugins to provide them for free.

If you didn't click the link yet - you can do it now and see what we have in store!

market octobercms plugins


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