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by Jakub in News 24.02.2015

KeiosWeb Github is our new GitHub account dedicated to our web projects.

Several of our projects may be of your interest, let me just mention three of them in this post.

Remember that we have our own gitlab, where we store all of our projects, some of them are open source and therefore free to get or fork!

Keios MoneyRight

Arbitrary precision arithmetic-based Money value object. Drop-in replacement for Mathias Verraes' Money library (some use statement tweaking required). Follows GAAP suggestion to use 4 decimal places with rounding on 5th to minimize statistical influence of rounding errors.

Project name is inspired by Kanye West's verse:La la la la... wait till I get my money right!

As we all know money really should be right (and therefore not stored in floats!).

Keios Apparatus

Event-based business logic scenario processor for painless application behavior management & modification. Early alpha. Built with Laravel/OctoberCMS in mind, can be used everywhere.

October Plugin TestSuite

Testing middleware package: provides extended PHPUnit's TestCase class - OctoberPluginTestCase, which allows for unit testing in OctoberCMS / Laravel context and loads all related composer autoloaders.

Prepared for OctoberCMS Release Candidate, won't work with beta releases.

Observe us on GitHub, subscribe to blog and stay tuned for awesome solutions!

2017 edit: we moved everything to our bitbucket!

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