Updates at Keios

by Jakub in News 01.09.2016

A while ago, we moved out repositories from GitHub to BitBucket, because we find BitBucket awesome and GitHub not so much.Lately we also moved most of our OSS projects from our GitLab to BitBucket.

You can check KeiosDevs profile here

If you are our customer, you will find PaymentGateway payment providers plugins there, but we also shared some of our stand-along plugins for OctoberCMS. among which you will find:

  • Apparatus - our scenario-based business logic framework for OctoberCMS and Laravel
  • MailgunEndpoint - plugin which changes OctoberCMS backend to incoming mailgun e-mail webmail.
  • Support Plugin - simple support ticket processor for OctoberCMS

You will also find there some of our non-october projects, like fork of FusionPBX and more!

We are also proudly announcing that Mailgun Endpoint plugin has been accepted and is available on OctoberCMS Market

And as a teaser of sorts... Our VoipPlatform webmodules for VoipSwitch ReleaseCandidate is going out this week!voip-platform

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