vPortals: Reseller 2.0

by Jakub in News 20.05.2018

We recently made a lot of changes in our VoIP stack and aside ongoing projects around FreeSwitch, we have totally refurbished our Reseller Portal for VoipSwitch.

New Backend Features!

Most important feature is a fresh Backend Zone. Before you had to use provider's VSM to manage most of the Switch Owner tasks, that changed.

We have added backend zones to manage Resellers, Resellers Payments and Agents. We also introduced simplified Agent Template editor, Tariff Browser and automatic Currency updater, which will download currency ratios every day from Fixer.

Features we implemented do not fully replace VSM capabilities, but were introduced so you could streamline support and, with our permissions system, make it easy to provide your engineers access only to places they should see.

viamage-vagents Backend zone for Agents and Templates browsing

viamage-vagent Simple agent review and management.

viamage-vreseller Reseller's settings, tariffs and payments in one place, manual payments or charges to your Resellers support.

That's something that every Switch Owner will find useful to have, anytime, on any device (backend is 100% responsive), fast.

Front-end changes!

We did not stop at backend. Actually, we focused on frontend part! We converted whole GUI from bootstrap to Semantic UI. We have used Semantic components for dropdowns already, now whole website is using Semantic, which allowed us to cut assets size in half. Portal is now 2x as fast as it was.

We have also connected portals to our Websockets RealTime engine, which allows us to update it live!


Looks similar to how it looked? Yes, we wanted clients familiar with the system to to just jump in, although they will surely notice lots of smaller and bigger design changes everywhere.


Interactive reports now provide more detailed and accurate data.


All tables become interactive, sortable and filters sections were tuned up heavily.

Moreover, we fine tuned our background jobs - in result 8000 rows tariff plan imports in seconds now!

Easier to deploy and customize

We polished our scripting, so now we can deploy portal instances almost instantly. We also expanded options for customization, you can do more from the backend level - and if you know some HTML&CSS - you can restyle theme completely using CMS section of Backend. Thanks to SemanticUI, you can now just put some different Semantic Theme into layout and have the portals look different within minutes!


That's something for all clients. PaymentGateway now supports secure Stripe Credit Card subscriptions for automated recharges and we can add them to any portal (either customer, agent or reseller) on demand, which will surely help streamlining postpaid services.

Support that works

With us, you actually get support. We can connect your webserver error logs to our boards, this way as soon as anything happens with our portals, we will know and will be able to proceed instantly. This way in most cases "your ticket" is with us before you even start writing it. We also provide customized versions of the portals quickly and in a professional way.

What's next?

We will be tuning up Agent Portal, at the same time we are working hard now to write portals connectors for FreeSwitch, if you are interested feel free to contact us, our development pace depends on interest of our potential customers.

And as long as reseller portal goes - click here to visit demo! - you can login with testreseller1 login and testreseller password.

Remember to use our contact form if you are interested, tweet us or leave a comment!

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