Software Recommendation: optipng / jpegoptim

by Jakub in Recommendations 28.02.2015

Today we want to recommend a great tools for every webdeveloper that cares about the website speed: jpegoptim and optipng.

Both apps are available in standard repositories of most linux distributions, the usage is very simple:

optipng file.png    
optipng *.png    
optipng */*.png    
optiping *.png -o3  # 3 is compression level, 0-7.

jpegoptim file.jpg    
jpegoptim *.jpg    
jpegoptim */*.jpg    
jpegoptim *.jpg --max=85 # 85 is quality level, 0 - 100    

It can really boost the speed of your website, try it out!

linux macos windows


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