VoipSwitch Agent Portal customisation

by Jakub in Telecommunications 17.05.2016

One of our customer lately ordered a website integrated with VoipSwitch SIP SoftSwitch.

As we worked on the retail clients part of the project, we were also given some tasks to customize Reseller and Agent portals for the customer's needs.

Because most of the VoipSwitch software is closed source, licensed software, major customizations were impossible, so we decided to write our own software and offer the customer a license.Today we are proud to announce that we have finished custom Agent Portal, written entirely in modern, objective PHP, fully responsive and with a lot of new features.

AgentPanel module license from VoipSwitch is still required and must be bought to use this web portal (eg to setup Agent's templates and for authorisation purposes), but comparing to original software we included several additional features, among which are:

  • Dashboard with statistics
  • Agents can recharge their deposits online using one of 12 payment providers
  • Agents can browse tariff assigned to them
  • Agents can browse customers calls history and serve as the first line of support with on-hover explanation of failed calls.
  • Retail clients generation options can be customized

Web module fully supports and uses templates which are configured in VSR and allows agents to recharge mobile phones with TransferTo.You can order this webportal for just 500 USD by contacting us at [email protected] or by using our contact form.

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