October GeoLocaleSwitcher (beta)

by Jakub in Tools & Resources 03.01.2015

Lately we developed a plugin for OctoberCMS, it's still in beta and not really suitable to put it on October Market, but maybe some of you will be interested.

This is a very simple plugin that automatically detects the country of the visitor and switch the website to appropriate language (basing on the iso code). If there is no language for given country - default language is triggered. If the visitor switches the language, the decision is remembered.

For example: website.com has 3 languages: English, German and French.

When visitor from Germany is detected, plugin redirects her/him to website.com/de

When visitor from French is detected, plugin redirects her/him to website.com/fr

When visitor from United States, Poland or China is detected, plugin triggers website.com in default language (/en).

It uses free IP database (mmdb format).

You can find git repo here

Also, there is a demo here


  • Go to your_octobercms_project/plugins
  • Create 'voipdeploy' directory and go there
  • Clone the repository
  • Go to geolocaleswitcher directory
  • Use 'composer install' command
  • Go to main directory of your octobercms project
  • Use 'php artisan plugin:refresh voipdeploy.geolocaleswitcher'


If you want to remove it, use php artisan plugin:remove




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